How to upgrade cPanel premium hosting to a better plan like VPS or business hosting
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Free hosting clients have a UPGRADE ACCOUNT button in the free hosting cPanel, using this icon to upgrade will ensure all your existing free hosting files/domains/databases are automatically transferred and upgraded to premium.   We recommend free hosting clients to use this method to upgrade.

Premium, VPS and server clients :

To upgrade your existing account to a larger hosting plan causes no disruption to your website.

We provide a complete, transparent transfer service were your existing website/server runs continuously as the transfer of DNS changes across to the new hosting server.

When you upgrade to a the larger plan, you will receive a discount off the upgrade cost! The billing system will allow for the amount you have already paid for your current hosting plan and discount this amount from your new order.

To proceed with the upgrade, please can you log into your client portal account using:


Then select:

1) My Hosting Packages
2) Click [View Details] next to the plan you want to upgrade.
3) Click [Upgrade/Downgrade] button.
4) Choose the hosting plan you want to upgrade to.
5) Complete.

Or alternatively you can order a new hosting plan / server and request migration at support:

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