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Adding Your Domain

  1. Note the nameservers listed in your hosting welcome email from iFastNet (eg.  
  2. Login to your domain registrar control panel (eg.  GoDaddy,, etc...)
  3. Remove any existing nameserver records on the domain you want to add
  4. Add the nameservers listed in your ifastnet welcome email and save the domain
  5. Go back to your control panel
  6. Click on Domains
  7. Type the your domain name in the box without http:// or www. (eg.
  8. Detick the option to share the document root if you want this domain to be a new website.
  9. Click on Submit.

See this video on how to add the domain in cPanel:

And see this video how to make a Sub domain in cPanel:

If your DNS has been updated properly you will receive a success message and the appropriate files will be created in your file structure to use the domain.

If you receive an error, the issue is most likely that not enough time has passed between changing the nameservers and adding the domain, itcan take upto 24~72 hours, however usually less than 4 hours in most cases.

Removing an Add-on Domain

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Click on Domains
  3. Click the Manage button next to the domain you want to remove, there you see the delete option.

This will remove not only the domain but also the files, domain records and e-mail so remember to take a backup beforehand.

If you intend on re-adding it later allow at least one (1) hour to pass before attempting to add the domain to the same or any other account you may have on the same service.


Premium Hosting Nameservers:

Please refer to your welcome E-Mail to establish what your nameservers are.

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