IMPORTANT! Keep your sites safe!
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Keeping your site and secure is paramount to us. To ensure this, we have the very best security policies in place to ensure that our servers are secure, thereby securing your sites from hacks from the server level. However, to ensure that your site is completely safe, you would also have to take some actions yourself.

As an illustration, imagine you have a bank account with Bank ABC and also have an ATM card for this account. While the bank would definitely have all the necessary security measures to protect your account, you would be expected to keep your ATM and PIN safe at all times. If a third party gains access to your ATM card and PIN, there really isn't much the bank can do to protect your money and your account. The same applies regarding your site. While we have security measure to protect your site and files, you would also need to ensure that your application is safe and secure at all time.

Below are some of the ways you can better secure your account.

  • Ensure that you only use strong passwords for all your logins. Using your username, date of birth or any word from a dictionary makes it easier for hackers to guess your password. You may visit or other similar sites to generate very strong passwords.
  • Always ensure that installed applications such as WordPress, Joomla, etc are always updated at all times. Outdated applications usually have security loopholes that hackers may take advantage of. Most applications have You may visit and to learn how to update WordPress and Joomla respectively.
  • Always ensure that your plugins/extensions/modules are always updated. Don't use any such application that you did not download from an official source.
  • Ensure that all written scripts use the latest methods to ensure that they cannot be easily taken advantage of.
  • Never use admin as the username for your super admin. This makes it a lot easier as hackers only need to guess your password.
  • If your admin login is in a directory, you may consider password protecting that directory to add an extra layer of security. You may visit to learn how to accomplish this on cPanel. Only use devices with updated antivirus applications to login to your site. Malware infected systems may send all your logins to an unknown attacker at a remote location.
  • Never access your site using public Internet connections such as cyber cafes, free wireless connections, etc. There may be a middle man on the network intercepting your communication and stealing all your login details.
  • Add a SSL certificate for free to your site using the 'Lets Encrypt' option. This would enable you login to your admin section via https, thereby encrypting all communications between your browser and the server.
  • Never give your login details to a third party. If you have, change them immediately. Keep local backups of your site regularly. You may accompish this using the BackUp facility of cPanel or using plugins/extensions/modules that your choice application may have.
  • Additionally, you may follow the steps on and to learn how to better protect your WordPress and Joomla sites.
  • Enable 'SiteLock' in your cPanel to block any file changes / uploads.

Following these and other relevant security steps would help keep hackers away.

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