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1 Am I or my clients allowed to use Nulled scripts?

Nulled scripts are not permitted on our hosting platform, please see our terms of SErvice for further information: http://myownfreehost.net/legal.php

2 Are warez / copyright files or links to illegal material allowed on clients sites?

No we do not permit the hosting of warez or copywrited material, please see our terms and conditions for further detail: http://myownfreehost.net/legal.php

3 Can I setup custom name servers what are the ip addresses.

Yes you can setup custom nameservers, the IP addresses will be the IP addresses of the nameservers provided in your Account Information e-mail. You can find out the IP address of a server by opening a command prompt on your pc and typing: ping <servername>…

4 Do I need my own domain name ?

You do not need to own your own domain name to open an account with us, all of our plans include a free domain or subdomain you can use to get started.

5 Force HTTPS redirection

Question : How do I force redirection from http to https on premium or free hosting. Answer : in your sites .htaccess file add the following lines : RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{ENV:HTTPS} !on RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]…

6 How do I register for a free hosting reseller?

You can register with our free reseller service here: http://myownfreehost.net/ Registration can be done by clicking the Sign-up link in the top right hand corner.

7 How many accounts am I allowed to create under a reseller account?

This is unlimited. There are no restrictions on how many clients you can have on our reseller plans.

8 How much does a free hosting reseller cost?

Our free hosting reseller accounts are free to signup, there is also a premium reseller plan that provides unilimited resources to your clients: http://myownfreehost.net/signup.php

9 IMPORTANT! Keep your sites safe!

Keeping your site and secure is paramount to us. To ensure this, we have the very best security policies in place to ensure that our servers are secure, thereby securing your sites from hacks from the server level. However, to ensure that your site is completely…

10 Ive created an Android / iPhone application and see a 403 page

If you have created an android or iphone application and when it connects to your site you recieve a 403 message this means your application is NOT sending a http useragent with the http request and mod_security is blocking the request. The best way to fix…

11 What are the name servers to use

Once you have registered an account with us you will receive an email including all of your account information, this will include your allocated nameservers to use. If you have any issues or questions regarding setting up your nameservers for your domain…

12 What factors affect DNS propagation time, and what is DNS propegation

When you update the DNS (Domain Name System) for your domain name (This can be from updating name servers, or renewing an expired domain name, or registering a new domain name) , it can take up to 48 hours for those changes to propagate throughout the Internet.…