White Page (error 500) php error display_errors
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On premium hosting if you experience a  500 error

Internal Server Error

or a white page displayed, please download the attached display_errors.php file (which enables php display_errors) , then upload the file to the folder where the script is located.  Then browse to the display_errors.php file using your web browser, this will then enable php display_errors which should assist in debugging a php coding issue.

For example if http://mysite.com/forum was showing a 500 error, then you would upload the attached file to the /forum/ folder using FTP, then you would browse to http://mysite.com/forum/display_errors.php to enable display_errors, then you would re-browse to http://mysite.com/forum to see the php error !

A bad .htaccess file can also cause a 500 error, if enabling php display errors still shows a blank page or 500 error, then please check for a .htaccess file, and try renaming this file to .htold.

display_errors.php 1.2 Kb Download File
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