Changing PHP version (php 4.4 , 5.2 , 5.3 , 5.4 , 5.5 and 5.6 !!)
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This Guide explains how to change the php version for ALL folders / sites on your hosting account, if you want to change a specific site to a different version of php please see this article :

We have php 5.3 as the default version of php on our shared hosting servers

To use a different version of PHP (php 5.3  php 5.4 or php 5.5 ! ) simply log into your control panel, then in here click on 'Select PHP Version' , then in the drop down selector choose the version of PHP you would like to use, then click on 'Set as current'.

You can also then change the php extensions that are loaded

apc gd mcrypt pspell timezonedb
bcmath gender memcache quickhash trader
big_int geoip memcached radius translit
bitset hidef mongo recode uploadprogress
bloomy htscanner msgpack rsync uri_template
bz2_filter huffman mssql snmp uuid
coin_acceptor idn mysql soap wddx
crack igbinary mysqli sourceguardian weakref
curl imagick ncurses spl_types xcache
dba imap oauth sqlite xdebug
dbase inclued odbc ssh2 xmlreader
dbx inotify pdo stats xmlrpc
dom intl pdo_mysql stem xmlwriter
doublemetaphone ioncube_loader pdo_odbc stomp xrange
eaccelerator json pdo_pgsql suhosin xsl
eio ldap pdo_sqlite sysvmsg yaf
enchant lzf pgsql sysvsem zend_guard_loader
fileinfo mailparse phar sysvshm zip
functional mbstring posix tidy

shows a table of possible php extensions that can be enabled / disabled, we recommend always ensuring your have the mysql / mysqli / pdo_mysql boxes ticked.

Once you have choosen the php extensions / modules you would like, then click the 'save' button at the bottom of the page to set those modules!

Then your done, enjoy the new version of php !

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